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Hello Gatewalker!

How is your day? I hope you are ready for your first lesson! My name is Elana Kovnic and I am responsible for introducing new warriors to the Guild. However, before you start learning all the fantastic things, take a deep breath. Today is a beautiful day, isn’t it?

Most of us like to brag about our amazing adventures. Fighting terrible monsters, discovering new lands, exploring ancient ruins… But in fact, a lot of our days are a sweet routine. I am telling you this so that you will understand the importance of such ordinary, slow days.

How do we start each day? One would like to say – from breakfast! But first you have to get the food. Usually, hunters supply the kitchen with products, but this is never enough. Therefore, each of us prepares the food for themselves. You can always find the most ingredients in the Forest World – hyena meat, monkeybat ears, mushrooms and berries are the basis of our diet. In the Ice World, you can hunt Nilaks – their meat is very fatty and filling.

When you have the right amount of ingredients, you can prepare food in the Guild’s kitchen or over the fireplace. By the way, always have a supply of wood and stones with you. You never know how long the expedition beyond the Gate can take, and the fireplace gives you light, warmth and protection. Each student’s first skill is learning to light a fire!

Eating not only keeps you going, but also gives you extra strength. Perhaps because the ingredients come from other planets, they have unique properties. They add strength, vigor, and sometimes allow you to better withstand the damage dealt in combat. Therefore, one of the domains of the older Gatewalkers is: “Always eat a full bowl before a fight!”

What can you do after breakfast? Gathering! Collect everything you need. Herbs for ointments, skins for clothes, wood for torches, water supplies and so on! Never do anything at the last minute – an effective Gatewalker is a prepared Gatewalker. It is also a good time to repair weapons or armor, create jewelry, or maybe start preparing a new weapon? Think carefully which way you want to develop and start collecting materials like coal, iron and precious stones in time.

There are crafting stations in the Guild where you can start converting your materials into semi-finished products and then into ready-made weapons, armors, and jewelry, of course, if you get a recipe first!

Survival skills are not only about clothes or food, but also other items that will allow you to survive. Some of them you can buy from a merchant in the Guild, but you can also create them yourself. For example, a decent sleeping bag or tent will allow you to sleep comfortably in any world. A thick cape will help you to survive the frosts, and a gas mask with filters will ensure safety in a Toxic World. If you are going to Sky Rocks, you will need a lightning rod to avoid electrocution!

A treasure detector will also be helpful – it will show you the way to the great loot! If you collect enough herbs and other ingredients, you should prepare a restoration kit, ointments, antidote for toxic fumes, potions and other useful things. Ah, and one of the most important items – a drone that will allow you to search any world in the worlds panel and travel through the Gate!

When you will be on the other side of the Gate keep in mind the ancient technology fragments. You will find them in random places – they are not big, but they have bright pink color because they still contain some Essence, so they should catch your eye! Take them to Victor – he really needs them, and I’m sure he will reward you.

Preparation is the best survival tactic of any Gatewalker. Therefore, remember to never forget your needs. In the heat of fights and adventures, it is easy to forget even about basics such as food or water. Hunger or thirst may turn out to be your most dangerous enemy… Therefore, always plan each trip well.

Lots of things to remember, right? Don’t worry, it will become your second nature in a heartbeat.

If you have any questions or suggestions, someone in the Guild will always listen to you. Just ask a question here:

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Thank you for being with me all this time, Gatewalker! Let’s see each other in the next lesson, where we will talk about what to do if an ordinary day turns out to be extremely dangerous and a horrible fight will wait for you… So, until next time!

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