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Hello Brave Gatewalkers!

Playing the ARPG game is not only about winning the fight or achieving the highest rank – it’s more about the process and fun you have during different adventures. The satisfaction coming from the realization of your goal with your own skills is priceless.

That’s why, in Gatewalkers, you can explore different dimensions. This way, players won’t get bored with repeatability and must adapt to new surroundings. Every world brings new challenges – combat and survival in each require a different tactic. Let’s sum up the most critical challenges of fighting in various worlds:

Forest World

“The night came, and it was so dense that I couldn’t even see my hand. I wanted to make a fire quickly, but before I could get a branch… It showed up. A Nightmare. A huge black mass. Legs, lots of legs, but also claws… The fear took me completely. I began chaotically swinging the hammer, but it felt like I was hitting the air.”

Forest World is the first you will explore in the game. Also, it will be probably the world you will visit more frequently. Why? Because it’s full of resources. Wood, stones, animals, mushrooms and berries, different herbs, and clean water are essentials you need to survive. It seems to be a pretty pleasant place to be. However, it’s full of various creatures – and I am not talking only about the monkeybats! Hyenas, giant deers, Surian camps… Another challenge is a deep night. If the player gets lost in madness, her/his subconscious will spawn nightmare creatures!

Ice World

“Dangers lurk around here somewhere. I have met one huge animal already. It resembled a polar bear but was much more aggressive and had terrifying fangs. Luckily I took the best weapon with me.”

Ice world has many deeps and plateaus, and it’s impossible to get through any of them since they’re unimaginably vast. To survive, players should craft warm clothes, eat adequate food, and use heat sources, like campfires, to warm themselves. Blizzards are one of the hazardous features of the Ice world. Another one? Giant wild animals. They have one plus, though – you can use some of their meat or fur after killing them.
But don’t think they are the only inhabitants of the Ice World! Some Surian tribes seem to be visiting the place. They abandoned the traditional Surian look and have been seen wearing warm furry coats. Moreover, they have developed unique powers, and some Gatewalkers saw them extracting energy from ice and coldness… What are they planning to do?!

Toxic World

“ Before I could think, they pounced on me. They beat me up badly, but I managed to kill them. However, struggling for life also used up all the air. I began to choke. I stumbled, unable to catch my breath…”

When it comes to the toxic world, it is very challenging. The air is contaminated, making breathing almost impossible without proper equipment. There is no food or water. The terrain is mountainous; The top is a safe spot, but the lower you travel, the more dangerous it becomes. Dangerous creatures are hiding deep in the Toxic world undergrounds… They hide in caves where the air is less toxic, poison anyone who dares to enter their home, and then feed on opponents’ bodies.

Sky Rocks

“A huge creature resembling a bird appeared in front of us. Wings, sharp claws, furious eyes. And after we finished fighting it, I felt something strange. My hair started to rise and my body shuddered. I felt as if I was drawing some unknown force towards me.”

Sky Rocks is the place that young Gatewalkers visit only after receiving proper training. Why? Because at first, it seems like a weird (for some even charming) but not so difficult place and they lower their guard. Who would be scared of large mushrooms and broken windmills anyway? However, the planet is quite tricky. Dense fog makes it difficult to navigate. The space is filled with energy, and the streaks of lightning are induced to get rid of it. During exploration, dynamic actions (such as combat) cause electrical charges to accumulate in living organisms. A deadly electrostatic discharge may occur if that electrical charge surpasses a critical level! It is also a home for Volarians, a winged humanoid race capable of thriving in the skies. They don’t like to be disturbed…

Fire World

“And then a vast creature that looked like a magma ball jumped out of the crater. I thought it might be an anomaly, but no… It was Fire Lavu. He grabbed one of ours and dragged him into the lava. He died right away, engulfed in liquid fire. Our screams alerted the Fireborns, who started running towards us, thinking we were preparing to attack.”

Fire World is a harsh and unfriendly location where Gatewalkers will face extreme temperatures and dangerous anomalies – fire tornados, geysers, and meteors! There is also no food or water, so it makes it very difficult to explore.
This dangerous environment led to the evolution of very mysterious creatures. In the heart of Fire World, you can find, for example, bizarre humanoids – Fireborns. Also, perilous beings like Fire Lavu jump out of the lava and attack unsuspecting victims. But don’t think that they are the only ones! The fire world hides a lot of different creatures… At least we think so since Gatewalkers who return to the Guild after missions in Fire World are too exhausted to talk.

What World is the most interesting to you? And why?

BTW all the quoted fragments are from a short series “The Journal of the Nameless Gatewalker” which you can read on our Instagram page!

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