Community Crunch 305: Lost Island Transfers, Map Updates, and More!

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author image af gaminggeek | 0 Kommentarer | 26. februar 2022

Welcome to another edition of the Community Crunch! This week we’ve made some changes to the Community Corner. In the coming weeks, we’ll be turning up the heat with more information and exciting reveals of the upcoming creatures debuting with Fjordur!

  • Lost Island Transfers – On March 18th, we will be enabling full server transfers into Lost Island on our Official Servers across all platforms. Once enabled, players will be able to download items and creatures onto the map without restriction!
  • We’ll be releasing a patch for PC on March 3rd that will include over 70 fixes across all maps. Map/level changes tend to be quite big and we’re expecting this patch to be a significant download so consider this a heads up in advance! We’ll endeavor to give size estimations as we near closer to deployment.

There will be no EVO event this week.

Fan Art Gallery | Screenshot Gallery | Artist Feedback Form

We’ve made some small upgrades to the Community Corner!

We’ve seen our fair share of great art posted within the community and throughout the years, we’ve been honored to share that art using the Community Crunch as a platform. Going forward, we’re applying a frame to the art we post in the crunch that includes the edition and date.

Additionally, we’ll be uploading these to a public community album to show the years of support the community has provided in one easy place. Every image in the album will contain the artist’s name and source. If you’re creating content for ARK, we want you to know we respect your art and appreciate your contributions to the community! We’ve created a form for artists to use when they feel their art is misrepresented or posted without credit.

We’re also adding a new section to the Community Corner – Community Stories! Recently, we held a competition in our Discord community for reaching 150K members. Members of the community shared their ARK stories for a chance at a prize. Considering we read so many heartfelt and funny stories, we made it a permanent section in the Discord and the Community Corner. So jump over to our Discord to share your own stories!


I downloaded Ark out of boredom, not knowing what I was downloading, I bought all the DLCs and the season pass for Gen. I named my character girl, because it was a test character, so I thought. I have been girl for 2 years now. When Crystal Isles came out I was a solo player. I met an awesome chick and her friend and we started hanging out and helping each other out. They were friends with the charge battery bandits whose tribe leader was Guardian. The server was very active and everyone would cut up with each other. We had a neighbor tribe who built a small town and it had an arena in it where he hosted tribe fights and gave out prizes. It was hilarious. Once servers opened everything calmed down and people started to disappear. My two friends weren’t playing anymore. I started hanging out with Guardian. We started a new tribe on Extinction and acquired some awesome tribe mates and we became the Insiders. We became a family. Eventually our family to split up and everyone stopped playing for about 6 weeks. During those 6 weeks I played a lot of Apex Legends. Guardian would play with me. We decided, during our break from Ark, to meet up and go hiking. Then we went hiking again the next day, and the next. This trend continued for a while. He took me to the top of a mountain, up a scary back road to the most beautiful overlook and we watched the sun set. I was so happy, but I was also sad. I found the love of my life, but my Ark family was falling apart. We got back into Ark and made amends with our friends. We did eventually lose the one, but it was for the best. We found new members along the way and now have a thriving Ark family and RL family. It’s been a roller coaster of emotions to get here but I wouldn’t change it. I have moved to the top of the mountain with Guardian and I am starting a new position in the career of my dreams and have the best support team everyday as we build up on Lost Island waiting on whatever adventure Ark will throw me next.

My Snow Dragon#5911

My best memories are from early legacy PVP, before transfers were open. I was in a tribe on a server that had a “frienemy” relationship with the other 2 large tribes on the server. One tribe had a member that used to come and troll me, just me, whenever I would leave base to do meat or metal runs and it was always hilarious. His favorite thing to do was tranq me off my tame, tea bag till his legs were tired then steal my pants. Then run off with them laughing hysterically in global chat. It got to the point where I stopped wearing pants lol. Then he started tranq’ing me to PUT PANTS BACK ON ME. Those were the days I miss lol. We became friends and are still friends to this day, some 5+ years later

Creator: Sypher Sam
Take a look at Sypher Sam’s latest build – a castle port on Lost Island!

Creator: Cantex
How long can a level 1000 Alpha Rex last? Cantex tests the limits with this challenging deathrun!

MEK by Razo4arovanie

Allosaurus Design by @Ares33909104

Managarmr by DINODOG#8923

Crime. He Stole Her Crown by NeoVanilluxe#0900

ARK: Survival Evolved Armored Basilisk Fan Concept by @Emily_Art

Wurm-Rider by zombeecakes



See you next week!
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