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Hello Gatewalker!

I think you already know how important crafting is. Today, however, we will deepen the topic, so that it will have no secrets from you!

Some things you can craft during missions, using your personal equipment – this is how you can cook food, make a fire or a torch. However, when it comes to armor or weapons, it’s a bit more difficult task.

To make an item you need a recipe that you can only obtain when you’re ready for it! After all, we cannot allow the rookies to use weapons for advanced fighters, because they could hurt themselves! But don’t worry – I am sure that you will quickly improve your skills and reach for more and more advanced equipment.

If you have the recipe for the item you need, you must go to the appropriate station in the Guild. Bernard will always help you with crafting weapons or jewelry, Fritz is a master of robes and beautiful armor. In Martha’s place you can do various elements from leather or wood – like boots or capes, but also bows. In Victor’s laboratory, you can create items enriched with elements.
In each station, there are two key objects – one for making a semi-finished product (e.g. Fritz’s loom or Bernard’s furnace), and the other for making a specific product (such as an anvil or spinning wheel).

If you want to craft something, but you are missing items, you can take the recipe with you outside the Gate – thanks to this, you will not forget what items you need to get!

Remember to take the right tools with you: axe – for cutting trees, pickaxe for gathering brittle ores, sickle for gathering herbs, and a knife for skinning animals. Over time, you can also upgrade your tools to make them more durable.

We often do not remember to take care of our tools. If this happens… Well, they will fall apart after a while! Then you have to craft them from scratch. To avoid such situations, it is good to take care of the equipment on an ongoing basis – check the condition of the tools and repair them immediately. Nothing is more stressful than a broken tool at a critical moment!

Thank you for participating in today’s lesson. Soon there will be more, and meanwhile duties are calling! However, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask right away. Gatewalkers will surely help you:

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Until next time!

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