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Hello Brave Gatewalkers!

Are you in the mood for a snack? In Gatewalkers, food is an essential part of the game. Gatewalkers is an aRPG game but combined with survival elements – which means that, for example, you have to eat and drink during your expeditions to stay alive. However, foods and drinks give you extra buffs, so it’s always good to have some snacks during your expeditions!

Let’s see how you can create a basic dish. You can prepare food in the Guild’s kitchen or use a fireplace during your missions. First, check the list of products you have to obtain. Each recipe requires at least two items for Tier 2, three to four ingredients for Tier 3, and so on – the list of ingredients becomes longer with each Tier, but the benefits become stronger. In the beginning, most ingredients can be found in the Forest World – so be sure to equip yourself with water, mushrooms, meats, monkeybat ears and other ingredients. This way, you can create essential dishes during your expeditions. Later, you have to make sure you can make a fireplace! To do this, you’ll need some stones and wood. It’s good to have spare wood and stones in your inventory because a fireplace can be used for cooking, but it also is a source of light and warmth. The mechanics seem very easy; however, gathering resources can sometimes be challenging!

In Gatewalkers, food has to be consumed to keep the player alive and temporarily improve one’s health, stamina, restoration and so on.

What’s important, the buffs from one category (food/drink) don’t sum up. It means that if you eat, for example, first a soup and then a sandwich, you will have only sandwich buff, not both! However if you eat a soup (food) and a fruit cocktail (drink) you will have two buffs – one from the food and one from the drink. The buff duration of every food/drink lasts for 300 seconds.

In the game, starvation is possible; when the hunger or thirst level reaches zero, the player dies, and you must restart your current mission. Every time you die, the durability of the items you have equipped decreases, and you lose a percentage of the resources (such as wood, ore etc.) What’s worth noticing, all survival mechanics are working during your missions. When you spend your time in the Guild, for example, crafting, the hunger and thirst levels are not dropping.

So let’s explore some types of food and drinks in the game:

— FOODS —-

  • Roasted Spicy Meat:
    Meat dishes give you the damage buff:
    Simple Roasted Meat – Tier 2 – 7% buff
    Roasted Meat – Tier 4 – 10% buff
    Roasted Meat – Tier 6 – 14% buff
  • Elemental Style Roasted Meat:
    Gives a buff to damage dealt with a specific element + a buff to damage dealt with offhand weapons
    This dish gives you the damage buff:
    Tier 4 – 17%
    Tier 6 – 25%
  • Sandwich
    It gives a bonus to defense.
    Tier 2 – 100 bonus
    Tier 4 – 220 bonus
    Tier 6 – 300 bonus
  • Elemental Sandwich
    It gives a bonus to defense, and also to the elements
    Tier 4 – 300 bonus to main defense, 220 to element defense
    Tier 6 – 400 bonus to main defense, 300 to element defense
  • Soup
    Gives extra restoration per second:
    Tier 2 – 8 hp per second
    Tier 5 – 18 hp per second
    Tier 7 – 35 hp per second
  • Thick Soup
    Gives additional restoration per second while out of combat:
    Tier 3 – 80 hp per second
    Tier 6 – 300hp per second
  • Pie
    Gives shield restoration:
    Tier 4 – restoration received +25%
    Tier 6 – restoration received +50%
  • Salad
    Gives shield restoration:
    Tier 3 – restoration received +15%
    Tier 5 – restoration received +25%
    Tier 7 – restoration received +40%
  • Goulash
    Provides additional critical damage:
    Tier 3 – additional 15% of the base damage of the skill in the case of critical damage
    Tier 5 – additional 25% of the base damage of the skill in the case of critical damage
    Tier 7 – additional 40% of the base damage of the skill in the case of critical damage


  • Herbal Infusion
    Increases the agro generation:
    Tier 4- 50%
    Tier 6 – 100%
  • Sweet Infusion
    Increases the player’s maximum shield by:
    Tier 2 – 200 bonus
    Tier 4 – 400 bonus
    Tier 6 – 600 bonus
  • Herbal Berry Cocktail
    Increases stamina regeneration by:
    Tier 3 – 3 per second
    Tier 5 – 6 per second
    Tier 7 – 9 per second
  • Sweet Berries Cocktail
    Increases the player’s maximum stamina by:
    Tier 2 – 180 bonus
    Tier 4 – 330 bonus
    Tier 6 – 450 bonus
  • Vegetable Smoothie
    It gives you the damage buff:
    Tier 3 – 7%
    Tier 5 – 13%
    Tier 7 – 20%
  • Fruit Cocktail
    Increases the chance of a critical hit:
    Tier 3 – 14%
    Tier 5 – 24%
    Tier 7 – 36%

That’s all for today! We hope you could learn more about foods and its mechanics and purpose. What do you think about food buffs? Share your thoughts on Discord:

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