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    so if im still here then it must mean im not as toxic as you make me out to be. Carry on carrying on.

    I suspect that you are well aware of the risk of being toxic in-game, so you adapt to the rules and act accordingly. Besides, you dont lose forum access during a temporary ban either way.


    ok how about this, as an atheist i am DEEPLY offended by any notion or talk about religion and find it EXTREMELY obnoxious and toxic. so, by your logic, if anyone in chat says “oh my god” they deserve a BAN.

    You just made a straw-man argument. It is a very manipulative and weak form of arguing. I never said or suggested the text that I highlighted in your message. I suppose you found it hard to quote something that I actually said here so you had to make something up and attack that instead.

    But sure, if you did indeed report people who said “oh my god” then nothing would happen. The automated system only triggers a temporary ban when multiple people report you for the same thing. If you say something that is universally offensive then a lot more reports will come your way naturally.

    Anybody with common sense know this and adhere to the rules. Dont like those rules? Keep that toxicity to your private Discord channel or PM’s.

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