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    I’ve never played WoW, so you guys are going to have to clarify what you’re talking about when you say it killed the game. Everyone on the Blizzard forums seems to have a different opinion on “what” killed the game. Many veterans say otherwise.

    Regardless, this game is not WoW, and games like FFXIV seem to be doing just fine with a dungeon finder. In many MMOS, you still have to walk in front of the dungeon to queue for it. There can still be hotspots outside of dungeons even with a dungeon finding system. Players can still put together groups manually when they want to speedrun dungeons or find competent players for the difficult ones, but the average/casual player, or the player who doesn’t have friends or the time to put together a party, can just queue for the dungeon while doing their homework or making dinner or something.

    I personally wouldn’t consider spamming “LFG/LFM” in the chat for 30 minutes as social interaction. It’s tedious and repetitive. There is no social aspect. Of course, it can make you friends because you might want to add them since putting together a party is tedious and time consuming, but that’s not the right approach to forcing social interaction. You can also add the people you ended up in the queue with. If you queue for a dungeon and find a good healer, DPS, tank, etc., or a person you like, you might want to add them afterwards and party with them. I’ve played many MMOs with dungeon finding systems and have found many friends through them and have never seen it as a hindrance to the social aspect.

    It honestly just sounds like you guys have been playing WoW for 2 decades and miss the “good old days”, so there are a lot of feelings of nostalgia there. If WoW had a dungeon finding system when it was released, you would likely be saying something else right now.

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