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    If you play the game enough, you’ll notice that only through crafting you get good perks. Gear that comes through faction vendor may have good stats, but late game without good perks means you’ll be as much of a challenge as a withered. Crafting is a powerful tool to min max your PvP/PvE performance and help you tailor a specific gameplay activity, and there are some overpowered perks out there that can make a big difference.

    I’ll give you an example how I made 22k gold in 3 days. I went to Windward and bought iron tools for 80 gold a piece and sold them for 300 gold in Firstlight. Economy is much more complex than people make it out to be, and there’s alot of profit for players who can run caravans between cities. I also bought Petalcaps for 0.60 in Everfall and sold them in Firstlight for 10 gold a piece.

    I sold more armor pieces that I can count. If you add azoth to your craft you can get some insane perks combinations. Players are looking for gear with luck, harvest yeald, refining bonus increase, perks for a specific weapon, azoth farming bonus. I have 2 sets for mining alone, one with full luck for when I mine silver/gold and another with yeald for farming iron. Currently working on a leatherworking crafting bonus set for which I only got the boots.

    The way refining works, almost all resources are needed in endgame. For example iron ore will be required if you want to craft starmetal.

    THis will only make people craft more items and produce repair parts which will boost economy.

    I think, overall, you got it wrong. Crafting and Economy clearly was designed with alot of thought and not half baked like your post.

    Making changes to a system that has not been consumed yet, is a big mistake. I think, long term the economy will transition to different stanges as the core player base advances towards endgame.

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