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    Doing what? Delivering coffee and drinks to the dev team(s)? Lunch maybe? What kind of studio? Indie? 2-3-4-5-6 team members? Asian? American? European? Russian? No, i’m sorry, i just can’t take you seriously when you say you’ve worked in the gaming industry for years then proceed to bash AGS for not doing the impossible, aka predicting launch day sales for their first MMORPG.

    How many MMORPGs have you developed?

    I’ll say this as many times it takes until it sinks in.

    It’s impossible to predict launch day sales. Pre-orders are just a tiny fraction of the total numbers during launch. It doesn’t matter how well prepared they are. They’re in the business of making money, not wasting it on adding servers that might end up never being used.

    The evidence is in your own posts…

    They didn’t invest in enough servers for launch, and that’s simply a fact. They had to acquire more servers post-launch because they couldn’t meet demands. Back then, they used server blades, not cloud servers.

    Multiple MMORPGs have had to lock down servers because of capacity issues, with FFXIV being the latest one (Not that long ago actually!) doing it before New World. The reason you’re not allowed to make a new character on a full server kind of speaks for itself… Can’t blame AGS when people are being stupid, picking high population servers.

    Can’t bash AGS for wanting to prevent further issues by locking down the full servers to prevent new characters from being created…

    If this is the worst MMORPG launch you’ve ever experienced, you haven’t experienced other proper MMORPGs before. You’ve probably only played those generic F2P asian MMORPGs, where the majority of them are instanced.

    As i said, the evidence points to you being clueless.

    You might want to read this as well: for more details on why.

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