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    I don’t know what’s going on in the world, I dont understand the constant need for unbelievably toxic behavior. What you have created here really has ruined the gaming experience for a lot of people.

    I’m not here to talk about bugs, I’m not here to talk about content. I am here to talk about your player base and the unbelievably high amounts of toxicity that you allow to permeate every server in this game. You have created one of the most hateful environments I have ever seen in a video game since Rust.

    My wife and I are long time MMO players, UO, EQ, WoW, Rift, ESO, SWToR you name it we have played it and those environments have always been fun and enjoyable. The reason for leaving them is lack of content or lack of any real feeling of doing things that affect the world.

    We looked at New World as a way to feel more connected to its community. We thought we could find others with the same goals as us to create friendly and fun communities that you could adventure with become friends with, and once in a while head out and affect the outcome of the world by taking territories are warring over them. Its a very fun mechanic that DAoC and ESO dide really well in their early days.

    The way things are put together in this game at its core make it impossible for it to be anything but a toxic hell hole of constant shit talk in global chat, constant bickering, and constant infighting between rival companies within the same faction.

    We started on Saragalla with an alliance we created with two other companies on the server. Our purpose was to create a fun and non toxic environment without the endless need for shit talk in global chat. Alas … this is an impossibility.

    Our alliance took 3 territories in the first few days of the game, we worked together to make sure everyone in our faction felt welcomed. We created a community Discord where everyone could come together vote on how towns were upgraded, created and even who would be the next companies to take territories. We made it fair and just for everyone. Taxes were kept low, everyone had a say so, and everything was great unitl…

    The weekend hits and the mass reports start from opposing factions that feel threatened. The same opposing factions start to use exploits to gain influence and push territories in to war in seconds! (Windsward, Everfall, and Brightwood all thrown into war within 5 minutes of one another all by a single company) Then the toxic environment explodes into a sea of lies, expletive’s, and shit talk in global chat, people within the faction start blaming other for not “defending properly” or “just letting the other factions win”… Did you really think this was going to work?

    Mixing open world PVP and PVE is a massive mistake. Many games have tried it, and many games have failed because of it. Those that ignore the past are doomed to repeat it. Your lack of QC and care for your product, its environment, and the sheer disrespect you show your customers have doomed this game to fail. you have created this beautiful world only to see it torn down by the people that you created it for.

    Its a sad day when I cant even bring myself to log into the game i LOVED during Beta testing. Now its just become a mess. People cant play with their friend, people cant stay in game, people stuck in queues for hours all without any real solutions. This just makes the environment even more toxic than it was already destined to be.

    My advice to you is if you want to save this game you need to do some of the following:

    1. Instance PVP from the rest of the world. Set up arenas and / or areas that players who don’t enjoy PVP can avoid. This will allow PVPers and PVEers to play the content they like and not have to worry about being near one another unless they choose to be. Don’t force PVPers to do PVE and don’t force PVErs to do PVP via quests. There is no need for bonuses to exist for either side. Everyone levels at the same rate regardless if you are flagged or not. You are forcing PVErs to have to flag in order to get XP bonuses and do certain quests. This is a terrible idea!

    2. Get rid of global chat. This idea is the worst in every MMO. Why the need for something so immersion breaking. WoW got it right by not allowing factions to speak to each other avoiding massive bouts of toxicity in the Horde vs Alliance scuffle. Sure you can mute it on your own end. But those that seek out drama and toxicity use it to fuel even more hate and bickering between people. They use it to sew discourse and openly insult others.

    3. In game GMs / Chat monitoring. If you are going to have a global chat, it needs to be monitored. You said yourself when the game started you wanted a less toxic environment, you even have to agree to not be toxic before you can log into the game. But you have no way of actually enforcing this. People can mass report others for simply disagreeing with them, yet those that call people names, slang words and are truly toxic remain in game cause they vastly outnumber the amount of those of us who are decent and don’t want those things around us.

    4. Server instancing – allow more players per “realm”. This was a massive under sight by you guys. Did you not know your sales numbers? Did you not see you sold millions of copies of the game yet didn’t have enough server capacity to contain it? I don’t even know how this is possible. You should have had double or triple whatever your sales of the game was times x amount of players per server on day one! Again this just feeds more toxicity and anger in people having to wait in long queues. Server instancing would have also fixed this allowing more players to connect in game yet having them instanced from one another. Bethesda nailed this with ESO. Blizzard nailed it with WoW… Whydidnt you see what happened to them and take note?

    5. Starting Zones – Whos brilliant idea was to make it so you have to run 500 miles to go play with your friends. Genius move there … Allow people to choose where they want to spawn so they can spawn together. * god damn character’s made in a row, all ended up in the same place for both me and my wife. Me in MB and her in First light … You guys are pure genius let me tell you.

    I truly love this game and its mechanics, but being older the wife and I cant be around this kind of hostility from the rest of the playerbase. We thought new World could be different, I guess we were wrong. I hope one day to see this game live up to its potential, but as it sits currently, its merely Rust as an MMO… So beautiful yet so sad…

    I fully expect all your carebear comments and toxicity so spare us the drama, you will just get your posts reported. Then again its not like AGS will do anything about it.

    Kuthel and Atumara

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