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    thats why im saying that there needs to be something special about these “profesions” the more you do the better, you can gather everything but you cannot make every piece of armor constantly, or every specific food repeatedly, you can make a little of everything but if you want to have an actual good gear, or in the case of consumables, a lot more of that specific food or potion, you will have to make that specific thing the most.

    just because of how you equip yourself you will be making more of that thing that works for you, and that wont be the best for everyone in the server, as you will be focusing in one specific thing the more you gather, or craft.

    you cannot get really good anything by just killing or gathering one thing as the game is, so no worries about that.

    there is no 1 end game anything as one thing cannot have every buff, perk or gem, there will be options depending on your own style, meaby you like fishing more at nigth than day, or you want both of those on the same fishing rod, idk, you get what works best for you.

    then this “downgrade” will make you look for whats available on the market or you will craft your own,

    i also think that some resources have to be only in PVP areas, i like to think that the red zone black zone from albion will be the best. so for you to get those good items you will have to risk something, if you dont want to, fine, you can be all your life in a safe zone as there will be market for that too.

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