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    What you’ve picked out of my post proves nothing.

    You can call me what you like. It is a fact that LGBT+ people are disproportionately targeted in violent attacks, particularly trans women. It is a fact that disproportionately the attackers in these instances are straight-identifying men. If acknowledging these truths makes me hateful, then that is fine with me.

    Again, I don’t deal in idealism and fantasy. I’m here to discuss the real lived experiences of LGBT+ folks and why they might need a space that is inclusive and welcoming to them specifically (because society is generally hostile to them and particularly to those like me who stand on our convictions). I’ve been slandered with worse.

    Obviously, what I said enrages you. I think you should take time to introspect and figure out why you feel so threatened by someone simply speaking about the reality LGBT+ people live in.

    EDIT: Again, as I’ve stated numerous times, it is easy not to care about another person’s sexuality when you’re part of the dominant culture in society (i.e., straight people). When knowing another person’s sexuality may mean the difference between life or death, belonging or ostracization, you learn to pay attention.

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