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    To be fair, do keep in mind that some people oppose to LGBT specific guilds as ‘good’, quite simply because they do not feel the need to it.

    Why must LGBT people seek like minded people to not be in a toxic environment. It’s 2021. In my personal circle there are plenty who don’t. Both in terms of work colleagues, friends and gaming buddies.

    As for guild banter and jokes. I do agree with the sentiment that some things are just humor. It’s obviously hard to say for your specific encounters. But we can trash talk quite a bit, all in good spirit really. Since most in my guild are European it’s not so much about ‘race’, but rather just nationality and ludicrous political happenings.

    With many of us having known each other for 5+ years, and some even 10+ years, we know the level of banter most of us are fine with.

    Sexual orientation really is a non issue with us, as it should be, overall in life. Some of us are open about our private lives, making it pretty obvious that if a guy says he has plans with his boyfriend the orientation is not heterosexual. But nobody really cares. It’s not suddenly a different person.

    It’s mainly just a shame that people still feel a need to group up in these sort of manners these days.

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