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    Sooo about the Armor weight in the game… once u reach lvl 50+ and u start to PVP or doing Wars general to me it kinda seems like the Weights are not Balanced at all.

    Light Armor gives 20% more DMG and it seems pretty good but when u fight an Heavy Weight armor PPL the dmg output they do vs ur dmg output its kinda the same when not Less cuz they just stack Alot of Physical dmg reduction and Magical. the Dogde it´s kinda good but when u fight ppl that actually know what they do the dogde its just meh and since u take just so much dmg from them it kinda makes the 20% bonus dmg from light armor Worthless…
    Its rly hard to kill ppl that uses Heavy Armor and puts pressure on u while u try to dogde around and do ur Range skills.

    Also they get less CC Time that mean´s they are quite Mobile. Yes slow Dogde but u can just right Click and Defense urself…
    The build with Hatchet and 2H Axe is quite OP while using Heavy… alot of survival abilities +1 that dont let u die for a few Sec´s… i mean its just to good to not use it right?

    I just rly have a hard time killing the Heavy Armor ppl… they just tank like a Real Man and im like a pussy running around since i cant Trade Dmg, Skills with them cuz theyre going to rekt me way faster than im going to rekt them…
    So is the Only way to go Heavy armor Late game?

    What is ur opinion on this?

    PS: Sry for my bad englishirino

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