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    Don’t worry, just buy some on the cash shop when it gets put on their eventually /s.

    I do think some of the costs are high sometimes, especially since those 2 forts in the game that give fast travel reductions give so much that when you lose them it really hurts.

    I can work around the cost of fast travel but the biggest thing that sucks about it is the current cap is low. I wish there was a higher cap or no cap at all. I’ve probably wasted over a thousand Azoth already because I was at cap when I got more. Sometimes I don’t need to TP and I’ll be doing quests or events and get to cap, but then other times I TP a lot to do crafting in other zones etc. Would have a lot less issues with Azoth if there was no cap since every little bit of Azoth would never go to waste without needing to micromanage your every use of it and the amount.

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