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    it has been 4 days now since being banned and forced to name change, I have opened up multiple live chat tickets and submitted 2 name change appeals. this games automated ban system mixed with the lack of actual customer service from Amazon’s reps has by far created the worst mmo experience I have ever had. I waited 3 days to post this in hopes to give their customer service department the benefit of the doubt. This name change for “High King” is not warranted.

    provided is a link to your own created Elite Boss named “High Priest Oseguera”

    need I shed more light onto the hypocrisy of Amazon? or should it be pointed towards the automated ban system with lack of customer service?”

    I do not recommend this game unless you look forward to random bans and no help from the customer support team. Maybe if they actually assist in correcting my name change, may I be tempted to change this real review of this shit system.

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