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    I thoroughly enjoyed reading a detailed and thoughtful analysis on this topic. One of the very few actual quality feedback posts on the forums. Thank you for that, @Savrick.

    As a hardcore bow user myself, I found myself agreeing with vast majority of your feedback. Maybe with the exception of one point where – I’m sure – our different point of view is only a matter of how we use the bow.

    As for your point #1, am I correct in understanding that you’d prefer if the heavy shot would release as soon as it’s fully charged? Because that is the one thing I personally wouldn’t like. The way I use my heavy shots as openers is to charge the heavy shot while assessing the angle and distance. Then, when the heavy shot is fully charged, I make minute adjustments and simply release the button, as if I was releasing the arrow itself.

    Doing it that way allows me to change targets if necessary. I basically have my heavy opener “preloaded”, and I like keeping it preloaded for as long as I need to.

    As I said earlier, it’s probably just a different way of using the heavy attack. But if it would auto-release upon charging, it would essentially destroy the way I use my openers.

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