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    I already racked up a few hours on a drop enabled twitch stream. Twitch says I have claimed all of the drops except for the very last one. I’ve linked my accounts on twitch. And it looks like i linked my steam account with newworld, but I’m not sure. Because when I go here: Twitch Drops | New World

    It usually prompts me to link my steam account. If i click that button and then click the steam login button, most of the time it just takes me back to the twitch-drops page and again is giving me the button to link my steam account. After i do this a few times eventually the page indicates steam is linked. And then I have to do step 3 which is activate the drops. And I then have the same problem with that – i have to click it a few times before it finally says drops activated.

    But nothing shows up in game. And if i reload the twitch-drops page it will eventually go back to asking me to link my steam account and activate the drops again. Basically, the twitch-drops page doesn’t seem to do anything for me.

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