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    So I have been coming across a lot of “SUPER COMPANIES” in-game these clowns make a 100 man company but then make a second company of 100 just recruiting anyone and every one of their factions.

    To the point where their company is no longer a group of friends but rather hundreds of randoms for intensive purposes, they should just be the marauders as they are the majority of the faction now anyway.

    Defeating them in PVP is near impossible because of their sheer size and they will eventually end up owning most of the map.

    I think this needs to be combated by making the company max size much smaller considering servers only have about 2K people Id say 20-40 Maximum per company because I believe the way the game was intended is lots of companies make up the marauders as a whole

    Not just have “supersized companies” full of people that don’t even and will never know each other. That is essentially what a faction is not what a company is supposed to be right?

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