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    Hello Adventurers & welcome to the forum community!

    We are sorry to hear about this issue and we apologize for the inconveniences.

    Can you try this please:

    Make sure that your computer isn’t downloading Windows updatesIdentify if others in your household are running high bandwidth applications like video streaming, or online gaming. Closing high bandwidth applications or turning off high bandwidth devices may reduce latency.
    Make sure your system clock is set to the correct time.

    Second, try the following. Close and relaunch the Steam client.
    If needed, you can uninstall it and reinstall it. Then go to Verify Integrity of Game Files – Steam Support in order to Verify Integrity of Game Files.

    Finally, We can try some connectivity troubleshooting, like:
    Checks for Windows updatesOpen task manager and close any aplication other than: Steam / New world / Anti cheat
    Restart modem and router, we recommend switching to a wired connection Try adding Windows firewall exceptions manually:
    Press Windows + R, type “firewall.cpl” into the Run window, and then press Enter.
    Click Allow an app or feature through Windows Firewall and then click Change settings.
    Look for the game in the list of allowed apps and features. If it’s present, make sure it’s checked, and that both the Private and Public columns have a check mark. If the game is missing from the list, you must add it.
    Forward ports on your router
    Try opening the necessary ports on your router to allow traffic between your network and our servers. If you don’t know how to forward ports, is a good place to learn. You can also test your luck on Google if you’re feeling lucky.
    If opening these ports doesn’t resolve the issue, we recommend checking with your ISP (internet service provider). In some cases, your ISP may be limiting traffic on certain ports, which can impact your ability to play our games.

    TCP: 80, 443

    UDP: 33435

    Please use a different server to see if its happening on all servers.

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