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    I’ll start by saying that I absolutely love how crafting and gathering feels in this game. The systems just feel satisfying from a ‘mechanical’ perspective. However there are many flaws in the design that somehow made it through Beta to Live and have killed off a large portion of crafting from being useful and relevant. (TL:DR at bottom)

    1. Low level crafting recipes still give experience once you’re in the next bracket of crafting.

    I understand that this was probably a decision made to keep lower level materials relevant all the time (on top of them being required to make the next tier of refined materials) however the current ‘optimal’ way to level crafting is to just make thousands upon thousands of the lowest level items, for miniscule experience, rather than making higher level items as you progress through crafting.

    To fix this, once you hit level 50 in a crafting skill, any recipes below that level should no longer award experience towards the craft. The same would happen for each subsequent bracket. You can off-set this a little by reducing the total amount of experience needed to level a little so the grind isn’t as bad.

    Point 1 leads into the second point.

    1. Levelling crafting using only the lowest recipes essentially kills off any market for higher level materials

    Not only does this completely kill off pretty much any crafting up until max outside of niche items like bags, ammo, tools etc, but it completely devalues higher level materials to the point where they’re essentially worth less than Iron, rawhide, fibre etc, and just flat out useless. This should NEVER be a thing.

    Higher tier, less common materials should always have more value than low tier common materials – and they should be a necessary part of the crafting levelling process.

    1. Crafting lower level armor and weapons is pointless

    Crafting should inherently have value at all levels of the skill. However currently there is no point to ever crafting armor sets while you level or new weapons. Both because gear drops are very plentiful in the open world, but also the materials needed to craft them – Voidmetal, Fae Iron etc are all insanely rare to the point where they only start dropping when your gathering hits 100+ – well above the point where you can actually craft the items to begin with.

    These materials should be dropping with a bit more frequency at a point where they are actually usable, not 50 levels later making the items that specifically need them outdated.

    Even crafting standard green items is overshadowed by world drops and the above points that make gathering the materials to use them a waste of time. The gear just simply gets out-levelled or out-performed by regular drops.

    1. There are a number of ways that you could make crafted gear at lower levels feel useful and fun:

    Have the crafted items roll with more stats than world drop gear of the same level and gearscore. It doesn’t make crafting a necessity but makes it slightly more valuable to go out of your way to make the gear.

    Give armor types minor two set bonuses. Things like:
    Extra stat increases.
    Permanent movement speed increases.
    Benefits to crafting and gathering.
    Chances to proc unique effects (Not sure on ideas for this on armor).

    Weapons could have effects specific to the weapon type.

    There is a bow called Dark Ranger’s Bow or something similar – a mid-level rare unique named bow. This item could have a unique effect that adds additional void damage to the ammo you use, or even convert ammo into it’s own unique ammo type. It could have a chance to launch a void projectile with each shot you use.

    Fire staffs could have effects where when you use a fire skill, you get engulfed in a fire shield that reflects fire damage to attackers – with a cooldown.
    You could have an on skill proc that makes you leave a trail of fire as you walk or dodge roll that inflicts burning on targets that enter the area.

    There are so many possibilities to make lower level gear feel useful and actually make you WANT to craft it. I’m not sure if these go against the theme of the game though. Just thoughts.

    Apologies for the wall of text. I just don’t want crafting to die outside of crafting gems and potions.

    Remove experience gain from crafting items below the tier you’re at to give value and reason to using and crafting with higher tier materials.
    Make higher tier materials have higher value than lower tier common materials.
    Give crafting lower tier armor and weapons a purpose. Currently there is no reason to craft and use them. Only for niche items like bags, tools, ammo.
    Make rare material drops slightly more frequent and actually drop at the bracket you can begin to use them in – such as Fae Iron.

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