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    @Relic, you’re missing the point.

    Durability is literally useless. You tried to use the argument that items break, and you need to use coin and repair parts to fix them.
    Yes, of course…and how does durability help with that?

    Whether you have durability on your item or not, you still have to repair it. It will still cost the same to repair it (for example, after you die) whether you have durability or not.

    Maybe you’re still confused about it. Here’s a case study to try and help you understand:
    Item A1 (no durability on it) and Item A2 (durability perk on it)
    You die five times. Item A1 is now broken, and you have to repair it. Item A2 is ALMOST broken, but you still may as well repair it. It will cost you the same to repair both A1 and A2.

    Since repairing an item takes one or two clicks, and can be done anywhere…durability does absolutely nothing.

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