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    I believe that you can disable such durability lose mechanics. Item repair is already the greatest gold sink in the game, and in most cases if we go for a hunt, we are ending up with 15 gold + a few useless item that we are salvaging for 4 gold in total + a few repair parts, but from the other hand we have to repair our gear for 16-28 gold × 3-6 (tier III gear not even top tier) So the math is clear; the role playing players will have to gather up the above mentioned repair parts + managing some gathering trips where IF they can find something useful, they could have a chance to sell it to cover the repair cost.
    It is out of this world to imagine that anyone in this earth would miss durability lose due to weapon switching. It is not like as you never lose durability beside switching weapons.
    This mechanics is simply annoying and not needed.

    If you want role-play like [quote=“BRGF, post:58, topic:365146”]
    bring realism into perspective
    [/quote] why don’t you implement mechanics are:

    • ice / water dmg rust melee weapons / heavy gear (0.xy%)
    • shield bash and other bludgeoning dmg skills break wood bows, staffs. (0.xy%)
    • slashing dmg would damage cloth / light gear (0.xy%)
    • fire and void dmg damage leather gear (0.xy%)

    Here you go gold since due to repair cost implementing ” realism into perspective” not like gear dmg from death (?) And weapon switch is clearly seems a bug. With a great respect: do not try to smuggle some content behind it :slight_smile:

    Gear repair is the real struggle in this game. But well, lets see how it will turn out at end game, maybe the concept is super positive and will rise a healthy economy – we will see.
    But one thing is sure: gear repair is the: “the king is naked” in-game mechanics that was not much mentioned till the few million hours beta steaming from hundreds of different steamers.

    When players are selling refined materials for 0.3 gold / each and they will have to pay hundreds of gold at end game to repair their purple gear set – there will be surprises. Lets see how it will plays out. How many player will pvp all day long and die 100 times / day. :wink:

    And once more:

    • due to weapon switch that trigger a skill receiving durability loos and by switching other weapons do not trigger the mechanics is a mistake in the code – not a content – have to be fixed.

    And a question:

    • Is it possible that every even time when someone is dodging with a weapon that activate a passive skill by “dodge” is burning durability?
    • Is it possible that as many passive buffs, rebuffs someone is -lucky enough – to trigger till a fight actually burning his gear dura and he is paying with gold for every even passive skill? Let it be buff / debuff?

    IF that is true, in that case there will be a few days of coding before the next upcoming major patch I guess :slight_smile:

    All the best! The game is superior! I love it, I promote it, but bugs have to be handled even due to the best game right? :v:

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