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    US East current player count is 138k with 200 servers, granting 400,000 capacity, it doesn’t have any players queued.

    EU currently has 313k with 230 servers for 460,000 capacity, with 139k in queue.

    Why is there still not an EU West, or a EU East, or Middle-East?

    Players aren’t going to want to swap servers at this stage when there’s literally no difference in a region other than a queue timer… they’ve already got their companies set up, they’ve got their friends added, they know who they play with… asking them to migrate one by one to new servers with no other benefit than queue aversion is just poor planning – again.
    Not to mention, they might have control of settlements, and all the rest…

    There’s no point just adding new empty servers to a region that needs to be split.

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