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    To be honest I believe you think we are talking about the response of our movement from the mouse or keyboard or the monitor itself. That indeed is quite the opposite of what I believe is happening in their case.

    I am having this same exact issue here as well and its progressively gotten worse over the last 3 days now. Its feels worse then when servers had queues and it was launch day.

    This lag I am getting (which I am sure is just the same issue as theirs above me) is due to our connection with the server I believe. As if the servers and our pcs are not responding quick enough and actions in the game begin to queue up and get caught behind. This becomes extremely overwhelming and to the point where your character starts rubber banding and weapons not switching or switching extremely late. I know the lag is coming when I am switching weapons and an ability is on cooldown and the sound of some sort of UI that is in the game is delayed so heavily that it will even make the sounds 5 + seconds later after you had stopped doing the weapon swapping. (The server and actions finally catching up to what has actually already been done) To make more sense of the sound, its the sound that you would typically get as you drag your mouse over like a tab on the options menu?
    Anyways I hope to a quick fix to this because I have done as far as repairs on the command prompt, swiitching internet cords, turning on and off ivp6 and running to low settings with 60fps cap. My PC has no problem trying to run on high-ultra settings with no cap in the world with over 100fps. Also my internet is fiber running at 3ms, 900-1000 download and 800+ upload speeds. So this is definetly not my internet.

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