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    Something else you’ll encounter will be the Salt water Vs. Fresh water. I’ve seen some people say inland rivers and ponds are salt where our edge are fresh.

    To me that means I shouldn’t be able to use salt bait in fresh and vice versa, but I haven’t found this to be true.

    I was fishing down in first light with glow bait and pretty sure the body of water would be considered fresh.

    So don’t think there is really a limitation to where bait can be used. I think bait will just determine the kinds of fish you are catching from that water no matter where the water is. I don’t know that, that’s entirely true, just my experience so far.

    Other tips, I scored a snail down by Velle Valle or something like that in Everfall zone casting into very shallow. Lots of undead and a river that runs under a broken bridge.

    Scored numerous clams down in First Light waters casting in deep with glow bait.

    Caught a legendary down there also which was awesome and took forever to reel in which was a lot of fun.

    My pro fishing tips for now :slight_smile:

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