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    My GPU is fine but there is definitely some unusual activity going on in New World.

    I have an RTX 3090 Founders edition and Corsair AX1600i Digital 80 PLUS TITANIUM.

    I typically run all my games on 2k resolution at 21:9 (3440×1440) UWQHD at 100hz/fps.

    I noticed that no matter what I am doing or where I am and whether my graphics settings are low/medium/high/max there are wattage spikes ranging from 180 all the way to 300+ EVEN if I am doing nothing on screen and I am not in town (before anyone says its because I am in town)

    I have my FPS locked with Vsync/Gysnc etc so ensure I don’t render any extra frames which has been the cause for some people.

    I’ve tested FPS/HZ locked at 60 along with power % at 55% all low and the draw is between 180-230 as the range (doesnt even matter if its low or high there is hardly a noticable graphical difference lol.

    Whether I do 100% power or 55% power my FPS remains the same and all other aspects of GPU usage and mylogs. The only difference is that the usage (in WATTS) spikes all the way up to 300 and sometimes more.

    So why is the game causing the GPU to draw this much watts and where is it going exactly? surely if I was depriving the game/gpu of power then it would crash, not work and not maintain 60fps?

    I play many other games that are very graphics intensive and even went back to my original overclocked GPU settings on other triple A titles that are far more advanced both graphically and usage wise; yet I don’t see the same behaviour on those titles.

    So clearly there is a problem with New World and its code/instruction sets resulting in this weird behaviour. My GPU works and I have no issues with it but the random power draw/spikes on New World is certainly bizzare and needs looking into.

    Also whats weird is that low/medium/high etc doesnt really make much of a difference lol

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