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    Yes, I would like to see what would traditionally be considered feminine outfits/skins, such as dresses, corsets and other flattering female-form attire in the cash shop.

    My impression is that AGS are afraid of causing some kind of offense so they’ve decided to go gender neutral (hence bearded women), but it is at the expense of feminine expression and aesthetics. My female character runs and even sits in a way that feels more akin to masculine physicality.

    I feel like my identity as a feminine female has been somewhat swept aside. Maybe because NW started as a PvP-centric game and AGS assumes it will mostly appeal to male players? I don’t know.

    It’s perfectly okay to want figure-flattering attire for female shaped bodies. Lace, cool leather pants, lace sleeves, corsets with straps, plate armour fitted to a female chest, pirate dresses, etc. I don’t know.

    The only saving grace for me at the moment is I can use dyes to take off the masculine edge on armour, but I’m still concerned that the cash store won’t have much, if anything, that makes me want to purchase it.

    I hope the talented designers for AGS can consider our requests.

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