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    I’m not ‘blaming’ NA players, why are you being so defensive over it? lol.
    I simply asked in the chat ‘How many of you are NA players?’ at 07:00am BST this morning, and almost a dozen responses came back.
    So you stating that NA players weren’t playing and were just claiming names, is untrue.

    Second to that, there are 155,000 players on EU Servers currently, now 81,000 on US East (up from 74,000 about 3 minutes ago) and 0 on US West as they’re not live yet. There are 80 EU Servers in total, which has a capacity of 160,000 players (meaning there’s space for approximately 5,000 players currently). However, there are currently over 125,000 players in EU queues for those 5,000 spaces.

    Maybe those will drop significantly when US West opens since NA Players won’t be dropping from EU Servers to play US East when they want to be on US West – because why make a character for the third time in 24 hours?

    But that’s still besides the point…
    This topic was here to highlight how bad a decision it was to stagger the release across the globe, forcing the world’s population to join a single region.

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