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    Yep, one of the main parts AGS should be pinning on their board for things to improve would be that. Game runs around control of territory and management, and that is limited to top members of the largest few companies, the rest is gated from that content. People will soon see that companies already have enough people that they want to bring to the wars and randoms will have 0 chances of attending to battles they sign up aswell.

    Really, it’s not wrong that it’s centered around streamers and big communities dishing against each other but the rest (actually the larger group) being completely left out don’t make much sense. Im sure they’ll apply improvements but I wouldn’t expect it soon. They’ll probably first solve and smooth the server issues, then dig into the major bugs which will probably take a few months seeing by how they work.

    Company house and holding idea is pretty good and fits into the game perfectly because it’s already all about land/settlement management. I suggested that, since we are somewhat in about 17th century, companies could have static, instanced company SHIPS moored about the island (since by lore we can’t really leave without getting smashed by krakens) that they can also improve like sloop>corvette>galleon etc. or improve things on it like you do with the town buildings. Something for the company to work on and pool resources. Could see a lot of improvements too, outa top of my head; moore it on a map region of company leaders choice to allow access to fast travel for company members to a beach by rowboat on that map, choose lifestyle improvement board upgrade on the ship to give bonuses to company members on that region similar to town management concept, companies sign up as whole to back up other companies that are in war for a settlement irrelevant to the war signup list, ships providing some bonuses or abilities or stuff per ship involved etc.

    To keep it short, yes please AGS, please do notice and mark this as an issue requiring improvement, send it to devs and managements knowledge, thanks!

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