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    i disagree. There’s plenty of multiplayer games with slower methodical combat that are doing just fine… like For Honor? I mean, you have Dark Souls (though not MMO but online co-op / co-op) that’s still popular. Then you have games like Monster Hunter World (with online Co-op and co-op) that’s doing fine… Turn based is kinda extreme, no? new world was gonna be first of it’s kind so yes, we haven’t seen MMO with souls + sandbox. Not because “it doesnt work” but because nobody tried. You either have a game thats full sandbox with some wonky PvP like Rust, Ark, 7 days to die, or you have a game thats full PvP with no sandbox at all.

    Majority of MMOs/.MMORPG that i’ve played died from lack of content, lack of depth, lack of complexity, p2w mechanics, gear based PvP, grind where its basically a second job, RNG enhancing system, RNG enchanting system, some straight up died because people lost interest in the generic formula of what makes an MMO a MMO.

    You see, that’s the funny part. The game feels CLUNKY because they removed stagger. And the other funny thing is, YEAH!!! New World was gonna be the first MMO that has combat like this, it was gonna be very unique. That’s why we were hyped for it, the folks it was marketed since the beginning were very excited to have Souls-like combat (we havent had souls games in a long long time) and sandbox games mixed into one

    At first I was turned off by New World in early development, because I’m mainly a PvE player. The interviews and developers talking about mandatory PvP sounded lame, having to fight for resource nodes sounded boring, abilities having shared cooldowns sounded lame… I thought that was lame because I figured New World will have generic PvP combat that I hated in your typical average MMOs/MMORPGs – or the dreaded battle royale. Later, I find out that combat is entirely different – and I love it.

    It says a lot to me when a mainly PvE player enjoyed PvP in New World… and prefers to flag up all the time (given stagger and pvp scaling). I usually avoid PvP in MMOs like the plague.

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