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    The Great Axe seriously needs to be reworked.

    The auto attack lunge is further than a medium armor dodge, the range on the aoe pull is way too far, and all in all this just creates a weapon that you cannot escape from, can not live through attacks on, and generally is played via 1-2 skills and spamming auto attack.

    There’s just not enough counter play and the actual gameplay of the item lacks depth. You have weapons that take actual aiming, even other weapons have such a narrow auto attack targeting range (spear or rapier) but axe? Nope, just wide sweeping auto attacks that pull you like a magnet to your target.

    I have both played it and played against it, and it feels bad for game balance.

    I’m not sure what the thoughts are on the balance around this item but it seems to have missed the mark.

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