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    this is exhausting to read and reeks of condescension. GIT GUD SCRUB is your post boiled down to a sentence. you sound like like all the people screaming bloody murder when people were complaining about hatchet (which is still fairly broken).

    the fact you think a weapon is balanced when the “counter” to said weapon by your own admission is “play sword and board, and spec into con”; which is hilariously the same counter to hatchet. that’s right. the answer to a broken weapon dominating the meta is to use a broken weapon that has non-functioning hitboxes making a low dps weapon even more low dps as your swings cut straight through your foes bodies without doing a lick of damage, and to spec into con so you can facetank it, by exploiting the lifestaff and heavy armor. bravo champ, you solved the game. now all battles will be a dogpile of sword and board / lifestaff paladin trying to kill greataxe/hatchet berzerkers in an endless melee where no one dies, and battle never ends.

    dude, in a balanced pvp game the answer to meta build A shouldn’t be meta build B. ideally all weapons should be viable in a somewhat balanced pvp game, with player skill allowing them to work. I’ve played a lot of spear and bow, both in pvp and pve. as a pve combo it’s dominating. and 1v1 pvp can dominate if you have more skill then your foe. however, as a group pvp option it gets progressively worse the more foes in the battle the lack of armor and the spamming of greataxe abilities make it litterally impossible to function. bow and spear both are too slow in comparison to a greataxe/hatchet spaming guy to keep their distance,

    I’ve also played sword and board with heavy con, and sure, you can counter greataxe/hatchet, however you probably won’t kill it; the poor hitbox detection by the weapon make it litterally pass through your foes without hitting them, a but in the long sword reported in ALPHA and still not fixed. the low damage of the build makes it a chore in pve as well, a penalty greataxe/hatchet does not suffer from in pve.

    so you see the problem right? sure there is a counter to greataxe/hatchet but it won’t kill it. greataxe hatchet works fantastic in pve, pvp, groups or solo. it’s a complete weapon combo with no real weaknesses. it can heal, has huge damage mitigation and some of the fastest movement in the game. it’s simply unbalanced and broken in the hands of someone who knows what they’re doing (and i didn’t ever get into the hatchet, a seriously broken weapon in it’s own right)

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