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    Wow so much information and only some people seem to have actually come to the logical conclusion.

    After over 200 hours since launch healing, you want lights embrace, sacred ground and beacon, you want to run heavy armor, for offhand you can either use sword and shield, hammer CC, ice gauntlet or hatchet, all to good effect.

    If you use your heals properly you will never have any mana issues, I’ve done countless dungeons and only occasionally do i have to chug a mana potion, most often never.

    Once you get to 45+ the light attacks from staff does decent sustain coupled with sacred ground, just stack up three heavies and do 2-3 lights, then heavy to keep buff on yourself.

    I’ve had so many groups go “oh wow maybe this isnt so bad after all” :stuck_out_tongue: Healing is very rewarding in this when done right, as is tanking. And I do both, as tanking only really needs constitution any way so you can just run sword and board with lifestaff offhand, heals do quite abit of threat as well etc.

    People are still abit to boxed in their ways I feel with this game. The best builds are not always the traditional ones :stuck_out_tongue: For example our tank runs both a light and heavy armor set depending on boss, some bosses are just easier to kite and dodge as ranged wear him down.

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