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    I think the game is at its best when there is balance. WIthout good balance between the weapons, its not competitive, its very limited, and it feels like it mostly relies on gimicks and imbalanced metas. I don’t want things to be unfun, I just want them to be balanced, so that combat, and the competitive nature of the game, can shine through. People can feel like they are winning because they are more skilled, not because they’re using imbalanced weapons/armor/skills/whatever.

    @Heracine Ice shower can be laid on top of players. Especially in larger fights, where animations are lagging, or its really chaotic, its easy to place this ability on top of a player to prevent their odds of counter playing. Combine that with literally any assistance from allies, and its far too oppressive. And sure, they aren’t attacking while in entomb, but they ARE refilling their mana, waiting on cooldowns to refresh, and realistically no less than 3 people stand a chance of even breaking through entomb. The attack, by the way does roughly 150% weapon damage. thats a lot lol and only for 20 mana.

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