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    All of the following is about small-scale, not wars.

    This is all the wrong way to be looking at this. Fact is the real problem is other weapons are far too difficult to function properly in PvP with all the dodging, moving, bobbing and weaving going on.

    Bow – Between the fireball-level arrow speed and the extremely specific hitboxes, only exceptional, high-tier players can actually manage to kill someone who knows how to dodge duck and weave at a high level of skill. The problem isn’t the bow on paper, it’s functioning it. It’s VERY difficult. Maybe this is intentional, in which case that doesn’t make Ice/fire OP. IF you can work the bow, it probably takes out a firestaff with ease as it hits SO HARD especially against a light armor firestaffer.

    Musket – Nothing is really wrong with musket aside from its naturally situational style and clunky issues/bugs. A good player can kneel and lay you out though.This weapon in the right hands can most certainly take out a firestaffer. Might even be one of the best weapons to do it.

    Spear – Very little mobility and reach which is odd. It is VERY difficult to put out good spear dps unless you’re catching your enemy with stun-locks which can’t really happen in a group situation or against someone mobile who they simply can’t hit at all.

    Hatchet – Limited to a shitty throwing axe spec that for some reason costs you stamina to throw (the basic throw), and gimmick perks that basically just keep you alive but struggle to make any meaningful play in a skirmish.

    Life staff – This is a blatantly braindead carry weapon that should require more investment to use at all if you really want to talk OP lmao (mostly talking about heavy armor self-heal cheese)

    Battleaxe – This is a group weapon, it chases, it closes gaps, it keeps the enemy locked in. This won’t beat a good firestaffer in a 1v1 however all it takes is 1 mistake from the firestaffer to get locked into death. All firestaves that are smacking your cheeks are in light armor and VERY vulnerable when something takes their mobility away.

    Sword/shield – Tanky and has crazy lunging swings, similar to the battleaxe, to keep a mobile kiting player sweating and raising the odds that they make a mistake significantly. This is overall a very useful weapon if you have a brain and team coordination.

    Rapier – Survival utility with a killer riposte combo if the situation at hand allows you to perform it. I use this religiously with my firestaff for the utility alone, I don’t like using ice gauntlet.

    War Hammer – Very slow and everything is telegraphed, best used in groups with timing to make the best use of its AOE stuns. This weapon simply shouldn’t be able to take out a mobile range build, only fuck it over in a group.

    With all this said, and mind you we haven’t even gone over weapon combos like spear/hammer, heavy armor hatchet/battleaxe, what exactly makes fire staff or ice gauntlet too “op”?

    They should work on other weapons, not make one of the only viable range-skirmish weapons (firestaff) weaker when it’s already such a vulnerable-to-mistakes playstyle. People get to run around in berserk mode constitution builds with heavy armor being insanely hard to take down without even dodging since they can just run around while healing being a hard target to hit enough to kill due to speed and constant regeneration.

    Not to mention hatchet literally saves you from death with its final perk on left tree but a firestaff can’t have high damage and mobility? Honestly I hate all these posts. Work on other weapons, leave firestaff and ice gauntlet alone.

    FOR THE RECORD I strongly dislike using ice gauntlet, I prefer rapier for utility. But sure call ice gaunt OP for punishing predictable potato players.

    PS, Whoever said firestaff 3 shots tanks is either an idiot, lying, or doesn’t understand the game or the imbalances of everyone being a different level with different gear.

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