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    This game is really fun, they need to make some changes throughout time – this just came out so they can readjust the game as time goes. ANYWAYS (this should be fixed sooner than later because territories are hanging in the balance), in faction wars people keep blaming exploiting AOE to lag people out of the fights all I hear is exploit exploit exploit, which I don’t know if thats true. The LAG (try to main a bow in PVP and get top points and effectively skill shot people, I run a 3090 Graphics card, i9-10900X with great internet and people will be skipping everywhere in the huge battles) is real though I feel like this could be fixed with 20-25 v 20-25 man battles; however, people are getting mad because they never get slotted for the war in 50v50. I’ve always been slotted because of my level. I think there should be 11-20, 21-29, 30-39, 40-49 – & then 50±60 obviously. The lower leveled faction wars should be for rep, gear, and things such as this so players don’t get discouraged.

    People using the Warhammer and Greataxe combo can literally one shot most people on back lines; which doesn’t require any skill sets besides smashing buttons. It does me no good to main a bow, so now I have to transition for pvp wars to be more relevant. Tweaking the stats and abiilities like the 5-10 meter pulls with crazy AOE damage is a insane concept in big battle Faction War fights for control over a territory.

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