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    Yes, you saw the title, you clicked in, ready to show the pride of your skin color, to criticize all Southeast Asian players?
    Here I would like to ask the “New World” official, Amazon Game Company, to ask a few questions, please answer the official:

    1. Officially, do you think that Southeast Asian players like to open cheating tools? What are the facts? NO, in fact, there are the largest number of cheating developers in the United States. You can happily discuss cheating tools openly in various communities and share them. What’s more ridiculous is that they won’t be blamed by the authorities!

    2. May I ask the official, as one of the most powerful game developers in the world, are you racially discriminating? If not, why don’t you open the Asian server? If not, why did you not launch Chinese?

    3. Officially, are you still celebrating with a party for 900,000 global players online and happy? This is ridiculous, how many Southeast Asian players out of the 900,000 players? Have you made statistics? There are at least 400,000 players! Don’t you believe me playing this New World under the condition of enduring high latency? Look at the statistics of “PUBG” next door, Asian players account for 40%

    4. May I ask the official, as a game company, do you only take care of the emotions of players in the American community? You can test it, build a community in Asian countries, come and listen to the lively discussions of Asian players, publish posts, and the frequency of discussion posts will be much faster than here. You don’t have to rush to refute. This is indeed the case, because the racial and skin color of the discriminated against is already Began to slowly withdraw from this game

    5. May I ask the official, how long do you think the popularity of “New World” can be maintained? Your answer: We will continue to optimize the game experience and add more fresh content? Satisfy the players? Would you answer this way? The most important thing you should do now is: Immediately! immediately! Add Asian servers! Increase Chinese! Let players around the world truly carnival for “New World”! ! Let the number of global players online exceed 2 million!

    You are a game company, a world-renowned game company, not a game company that provokes racial discrimination. You use bad English to state a fact. Every word represents the anger of Southeast Asian players!
    (If you think that European players are noble and Southeast Asian players are inferior, then teach us in the game, instead of crying to find your mother and Amazon crying about your experience. This is very sad. It can only show that you still Very weak and needs mother’s protection)

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