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    I’ve read through so many of these posts now and a lot of people want the same thing… MORE PVP.

    Yet, the people bringing up valid points and sharing ideas and concerns for the PvP community get harassed by PvE players and made out to be toxic or “egotistical” for wanting to enjoy the game how they want to play it… Funny thing is I’ve only seen toxicity coming from those that claim to want pure PvE.

    Some great ideas have been put forward in some posts like creating zones with more incentives to flag PvP like for example I read someone posted that a higher chance of rare resources from gathering etc. in certain areas of zones, sounds like a great idea, but that’s not good enough for these PvE players they only want enjoyment for themselves they don’t care about the other half of this community because at the minute it’s torn down the middle with PvP players on one side and PvE on the other.

    It’s like these PvE players are just shutting down every idea that doesn’t involve pure PvE, we get it you enjoy PvE that’s fine, no one is bashing you for it, I hope you continue to enjoy the game, we’re all playing this game to enjoy it and we all are clearly enjoying it, because it’s a great game, with tonnes of potential, BUT at the moment with the current PvP flagging system it’s slowly getting very boring for players who want to see more PvP. Either give us PvP servers or give people a much higher incentive to PvP flag…

    I can’t understand the argument against it, if you enjoy PvE that’s fine no one’s wanting to make this game less enjoyable for you but if people want PvP servers then why not give it to them?

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