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    My analysis of the Wireshark capture I did during LAG Detected indicate it’s not directly gameplay related.

    Indeed, some cases of the “Lag Detected” chain disconnection (certainly mine) are environmental and not issues with the game itself. Being that I can access the Trade Post via UDP over TCP, and UDP over fake-TCP, it’s pretty-clear that the UDP environment of my ISPs (Starlink and Verizon) are simply-not-stable.

    – I avoided doing a packet capture and tested around this so as to not do anything that could be conceived as breaking the user-agreement / reverse engineering… Yet it’s pretty obvious in my situation that large datagrams are being dropped [or corrupted], and likely access to the Trade Post triggers {loading the market-listing} large payloads to be sent – causing the initial drop.

    Yes some games use TCP, but TCP for 2,000 player would be insane. You’d hitch or delay on any packet drop waiting for the next one. UDP is way better for faster paced game where you can drop a packet and keep going and exact precision is not an issue.

    TCP is certainly not ideal, however I’d rather encounter world-freezes, stutter, delay of other game data and poor recovery from loss – compared to the inability to connect “at all”. There are many action oriented MMORPG’s that have used TCP in the past and seemed to do ok.

    I’m not arguing that it’s optimal, or that UDP should be dropped, just pointing out that it may be the only realistic workaround to combat problematic equipment or Internet gateways [connections where only TCP gets through].

    – The game could have two netcode paths, one built on TCP intended as a fallback, and one built on UDP.

    But this event just dumps all the data at once. After that there’s all kinds of missing RTO responses in the packets which causes a resend, and then the original packet acknowledgement (ACK) goes through and there’s DUPS and there double data being send and it just compounds.

    Not surprising honestly.

    I’ve seen a lot of behavior in the client that looks like duplicate data being received. For instance, seeing and hearing the Life Staff shoot 20+ projectiles in a row at a mob, or a mob’s skill animation chain execute. Would hope that payloads contain a UID or some form of sequence number for the client to reject duplicates. Perhaps not, though.

    That said, my connection was pretty quiet during all drops … almost non existent traffic on the Interface. Yet I don’t doubt there’s a lot of dupes being sent in general just due to the combat jutter and repetitions perceived pretty well constantly.

    Albeit, ironically playing through a TCP VPN for today has reduced most of this.

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