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    EDIT: For the people who can’t read, this post is mainly addressing the DISCONNECTION ERRORS WHILE IN QUEUE and the community management team. I can’t believe I have to tell you to read what you’re replying to before replying.

    The queues are still impossible. I don’t even need to talk about yesterday but today it has been almost the same experience with smaller queue but bigger problems;
    -join queue ~4000
    -wait around an hour
    -get disconnected with error message about “too many login requests” or similar inexcusable error due to low quality servers/login system

    We need to stop pretending like this is normal. Yes, all launches have problems, but nothing on this massive a scale for so long. Even Classic was fixed much faster, and the problems were not nearly as bad to begin with.
    Sure there are plenty of bad excuses, but why should we accept them when Amazon Games give us no communication? No updates, server status list is always outdated by several hours, the community management teams are ignoring all inquiries and acting like everything is perfect.

    They make it seem like everything works by promoting streamers and ignoring every single problem instead of being transparent and telling us what they are doing to address the problems. “We are working on it, look at these streamers” is very bad community management.

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