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    Yes and no, really. I mean, I feel like some company’s could simply use this as a way to inflate their own treasury under the guise of funding a war. I know the Company that owns Brightwood inflated taxes drastically right before a war. I have no reason to doubt they used it for the war. But, the point being, maybe they didn’t. And, I think a policy of raising all the taxes to max is a bit sketchy and unfair. People were definitely caught off guard by their taxes doubling on everything they do in Brightwood. But, now most on our server are aware that this kind of thing will happen. And, it’s good to know that I can decide not to pay the taxes when they do something like this. I mean, I’m all for supporting my faction, but I’m not going to pay exorbitant taxes because of bad money management at best, and possibly just to line the Company’s wallets at worse.

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