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    I think its just not high enough on the TODO list of things to fix atm, which is completely understandable. This only became a problem because the spawn times for launch were increased overall. and this one got hit with a very fast respawn timer. there is no way it was intended to make 100-200 skinning meaningless and make thick leather so abundant its borderline worthless to the point it costs you more money to gather it than to just buy it lmao.

    I got 200 skinning before I was lvl 40 just skinning every single animal! and I was like yeah 200 skinning then I find out people who are just skipping all skills and leveling as fast as possible stop there with 100 skinning get 200 skinning a bunch of xp and weapon xp making the accomplishment of skinning meaningless.

    Just my 2 cents anyhow! Back to the pew pew!

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