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    I’m not certain how this would be considered exploitable. This is the area after the restart of servers and not including what is behind me. I think this is more of an overabundance of pigs put in a single location with a lowish respawn time. There are roughly 20+ spawn locations of pigs in this small area.

    The pigs respawn every 30+ seconds, it is not instantaneous. By the time all the pigs are dealt with, the initial phase of pigs are beginning to respawn. If the amount of pigs at the camp were reduced, the problem would be fixed as the respawn timer is on par with the rest of the game.

    This is much different than the elite bear in the cave that automatically spawns after death and then has a chance to double spawn.

    At Noblereach, you can AoE farm the skeletons. In my largest pull, I can clear a set of skeletons in less than 10seconds for about 400xp then wait for all of the skeletons to respawn in 30seconds to a minute after death. This can be done solo and I don’t need 10-15+ people to be effective.

    This is not like the multiple spawns of an elite bear, which shouldn’t happen.

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