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    I think the ice gauntlet is mostly fine and is pretty op for AoE farming. The fire staff could use a little work. The pyro tree is mostly fine as is, but the fire mage tree could use some tweaks. Except for fireball, all of the abilities are very close ranged. My problem isn’t with the damage, it’s just that as a ranged AoE weapon…it has rather poor range and little AoE.

    Meteor shower actually does a lot of damage if you hit multiple mobs for most/all of it’s duration. Obviously this is best used in a group. The range does need to be increased so you don’t have to stand on top of the target to hit them though…

    Pillar of fire only seems useful as an opener. Also arson’s advantage seems like a pretty troll talent considering you have very little chance of hitting more than one target with this. The double/triple hit may or may not be a bug…At the very least the range and radius need to be bumped up a bit.

    Fireball is mostly fine. Maybe change catch to knockdown on direct hit. I’d also like to see the radius increased 1-2m.

    The only other thing I would like to see is either a talent, or function of the weapon, that lets heavy attacks do splash damage. Nothing crazy, just a percent of weapon damage to mobs within 1m of impact.

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