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    Also throwing my thoughts of agreement in. Dungeons should be optional, or solo-friendly.

    Look at FFXIV – you can join the dungeons solo if you want, you just don’t get XP. No worries there. Solo players are about exploring and story content – not grinding gear or farming xp.

    SWTOR is another great example. They give you an NPC support bot (plus a companion) to let you solo through group content that they deem important to the storyline.

    Why do solo players play MMO games? Story. Game play. Almost guaranteed expansions adding more content to the game. You can only play Mass Effect, Fallout, Dragon Age, or Skyrim so many times as there is no new content for them. MMO games keep breathing fresh life into their games, typically. So here we are, solo players looking for a good MMO home. And this could be it. Couple tweaks in the near future to make dungeons scale for solo, eliminate some group mechanics… and tada.

    Could be a good influx of cash in it, too. Because solo players need a good MMO home. So, please, powers that be, at least consider it.

    Thank you!

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