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    Okay, here are my 2 cents on all this. English is not my native language so please excuse minor failures or teach me and I will happily correct them.

    Was it a dumb decision to play on another region?

    No, it clearly wasn’t. It wasn’t even a real decision. We just did what we were adviced to. Adviced by the game and its producing and publishing studio itself. It was like: help us and yourself to get around these queue times by choosing any server with low pop and don’t worry about it, we will provide a solution to get back to any server you want at no cost at a later time. It would have been very easy to bring regions into play here if one had wanted to.

    It’s not relevant that cross region things were not explicitly stated, the opposite was not clearly stated either. There is only one way to read what was stated at this point: help us out now, we gonna help you out later. Don’t worry about anything. So that’s what we did, knowing we will likely have some ping issues, knowing we will have timezone issues. We just took it… to play the game and to not being part of making queue times even worse.

    But… other MMOs don’t support cross region transfers either. What did you expect?

    Mate, this is a very dumb question whilst trying to be funny and smart asking it. First, this is just not true. Final Fantasy does it and even more, Guild Wars 2 does it and even more and World of Warcraft seems to allow at least intra-US transfers by contacting the support. Which other great MMO is it exactly you’re talking about?

    While being a dumb question, I still gonna answer it: I don’t care what other MMOs do and don’t do. I am here for New World and explicitly not for comparing it to other MMOs I am not playing anymore. That being said, we are talking about 2021 and Amazon in here. I know AGS is not directly Amazon and so isn’t AWS. But still this is all one corporation in the end. So one could say we get a game where everything (meaning the game itself and all related services) comes from one hand, without harming anyone here. This is why I expect things to work and I am not elaborating any further on the capabilities of AWS hosting, many others already did this.

    Haha, trololol… they already got your money…

    Mate… please just do the math. Feel free to round up just everything and assume every sold copy was a deluxe version. Come back to me if you really got something to say.

    Perhaps there will be compensation instead of cross region transfers?

    There is no compensation for our time. Everyone I wanted to play with took a week off, including myself. This is a thing we didn’t do for ages and maybe it was kinda idiotic but still we did it. We took that time (about 100 hours by now) to invest it in our characters. None of us is interested in the character level we got (which is somewhere in the late thirties, early fourties) for this is the least time consuming and tedious part about it and can be repeated without issues in most likely less time. But there are things that can’t be repeated or will require way more effort to do it now. We chopped like millions of trees, hunted for like millions of ores and living prey to get our crafting up and running. None of us is willing to repeat this for it was more than tedious in the end. We sold much of our crafted stuff and reinvested the coins into refining materials. I bought 3000 sand flux and coarse sandpaper for like 0.09 coins each. This is not repeatable, even if we were in the mood to do it. No one cares for low level crafting gear anymore and prices for refining materials just skyrocketed, given the endless demand. How would one compensate that? Not even counting our storages for going on from here. There is no compensation.

    Getting back here after a reroll and everything going back to normal (yea, we’re working again and have other duties, too) is gonna take us months.

    Investing so much in a character inside the wrong region was just stupid!

    Mate, we already talked about this. It was not. We were adviced to by the game itself and there was not even a slight indication we can’t transfer all of this to our home region in the long run. If there had been one, we would not have done it. Period.

    So what are your consequences? What’s even your point?

    We gonna quit. We already did. Silently. None of us will scream for a refund or something like this. For the 40 Euros we invested, we had a blast. But this or what we think about the game as a whole is just another story. So everything is fine about that. We are obviously disappointed to do that, but none of us is willing to repeat all this stuff and start over again. Some of this isn’t even repeatable like I said before.

    There are like minded people that won’t raise their voices and will just quit. Not everyone is willing to raise his voice for a game publicly. Still this will be a minorty of the playerhood. I don’t know how big or small it is and I am not the one to create silly threatening postures about it. This would just be ridiculous.

    There is still one thing that comes out of all this and you all should be aware of, no matter if you are affected by the region transfer limitations or not: they deleted their trust. Publicly. Be aware, mates. Everything they promised to do or not to do can now come out as: “Oops, the original information was incorrect. Sorry.”. Be aware. Let them get away with this and they gonna try to get away with everything they want to. Not being affected right now doesn’t mean you won’t be affected in the future either. Be aware.

    My 2 cents, have fun mates.

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