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    i would say in some cases they deffiantly are overreacting, and ur point in regards to refund is exactly my point with it, if u want something to succeed u shouldnt try to bring it down but rather up, frustrations and feedback even negative feedback is important but it should still be done with sense and have a meaning instead of just calling out refunds and scammers.

    as much as i can understand some might felt ‘scammed’ i would say its too early to call that out too, it could be changed in a hour or by tomorrow, we never know, they never stated that anything is final and never will or can change, infact they stated 2 things right which means we are yet to actually get the proper right answer to it, hence what i mean with people overreacting aswell, they taking 2 sentences from a tweet and a forum and think its eternal .

    • also lastly edit : yes i agree, they should fully commit and make it a reality / possibility for inviduals to transfer even between regions, im not disagreeing at all, but im not that quick to take a few sentences as their final word.

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