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    Jeff Bezos isn’t going to let you ride his space rocket, mate. You don’t need to defend the company this hard. Trust me, the ones responsible for this mess (the higher-ups, not the working drones) aren’t bothered by the mean comments as they are too busy dodging taxes.

    There are other companies running MMORPGs globally that allow data transfer between regions. Unless you mean to tell me that those companies are all operating illegally, the reason for Blizzard’s refusal to transfer data between regions isn’t due to laws but because the game’s code is a bloody mess and the people in charge have always been more preoccupied with sexually harassing their coworkers than with pushing for back end improvements.

    The real question is, in this day and age why did Amazon Games not develop the game with cross-region transfer in mind? Considering how globalized the world is and how common it is for people to relocate far away, especially in the USA. Did the suits say no because the workhours required for this feature would have eaten into their yacht fund? Are the developers simply not capable of doing it due to whatever reason? Is it a limitation of their vaunted servers?

    Amazon Games snapped up some devs from Arenanet during the development of New World and that company figured out cross region transfer and seamless servers NINE years ago. No matter which way you look at this situation, it doesn’t paint Amazon Games in a good light.

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