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    Really amazon have cornered themselves into resolving this issue that allows region transfers. If they want any future multi region games (mmo) to succeed then they need to resolve this else they might as well just chuck the money into the ocean, nobody will trust them.

    1… they said that server transfers would be happening soon and that REGIONAL transfers would be possible.

    2… THEY then advised people to create characters on other servers to avoid the queues, also saying you would be able to transfer servers to play with your friends.

    I’m not sure how this would work in the US but in the UK they could find themselves on sticky ground with Trading Standards and maybe the advertising standards authority, though I’m not so sure of the second one

    EDIT :

    The reason I say Trading Standards is they gave advice and guidance to players to carry on playing the game. They also knew the Steam refund policy of 2 hours. By advising their clients to carry on playing based on their published commitment that regional server transfers would be possible, encouraged people to play beyond the 2 hour time limit for steams refund policy, which in turn ensures no refund could be requested…this is bad…very very bad. Trading Standards do not take kindly to this practice, no matter what company you are.

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